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Communication Initiative

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The Communication Initiative Networks Corporation

The Communication Initiative (CI) has been working in the field of Communication For Development for the last decade. In 2006, we embarked on a redesign with the following imperatives:

  • Maintain our list of 35,000 documents; regional e-magasines; 100,000 pieces of supporting information (author information; bibliographic sources; etc.)
  • Organizing data by taxonomy to allow elaborate relationships between data and categorization
  • Multiple content-types to accommodate different formats of online documents
  • Granular control of user permissions
  • Custom caching techniques to allow a lot of data to be presented while keeping server load and page load within acceptable boundaries
  • An innately multi-lingual site

The site features:

  • Support for 73,000 registered users.
  • 1.8 million user sessions per year.
  • Theming based on Taxonomy
  • Top lists driven by taxonomy
  • User registration enhanced with CiviCRM
  • Integration with Daylife news service.
  • Integration with the phpBB forum application.
  • An import of our pre-existing legacy data.
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