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Fresqui Internet S.L.
Information, a web with 100% Spanish capital, was set up in 2006 aiming at becoming an innovative source of information based on collective intelligence, and supported by new information and communication technologies, where news sent by the users could be collected. The webpage, which has grown steadily since it was launched, becoming a reference model as a European start-up targeting the Hispanic community, has an advanced news classification system, thanks to the use of intelligent algorithms which count every user’s vote. With a Code of Honour of their own, Fresqui’s priority is that everyone can express themselves freely, regardless of their age, nationality, filiations, cultural level, etc.

Based in Madrid and run by the young and enterprising Alex DC (27), Fresqui has managed during this first and half year of activity to gather 97,000 news items sent to the web by users and more than 4,150,000 references in Internet (Data from Yahoo).



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