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Platinum and gold sponsors

Information is the one-stop way to find all these energy and money saving opportunities:

  • incentives, rebates and free offers available where you live
  • businesses that match your needs and meet green standards
  • other people making it happen, so you can join and share with them
  • a personal account to keep track of your projects, incentives, offers and ratings

Drupal was chosen as the platform to allow the client to publish dynamic content across several areas of the site, maintain consistency among the section categories, use the community features and contributed modules, and to set up the framework for the future growth of the site including adding multiple account types and several workflow customizations.

The site includes extensive use of CCK, Panels and Views, with eight different content types. We also merged the profile content type, the MySite module, and several customized views to create an integrated personal account space allowing users to update their profile, track submitted projects in various stages of the submission process, manage all saved data records, and track any submitted ratings or comments.

The site was launched in February 2008.

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