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Indianapolis Museum of Art

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Indianapolis Museum of Art
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One of the nation’s leading art museums in development of new media content, the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) is committed to using cutting-edge museum technology as a means to engage and educate its visitors. By using Drupal the IMA was able to elevate their Web presence with an innovative, non-traditional site that allows them to better communicate directly with their audience.

The IMA site includes access to over 64,000 pieces of art in the museum’s collection, which are provided through integration with their digital asset management system. Each artwork page features catalog information on the artwork as well as two sizes of image. A third, larger image is available via an Ajax popup. Users can also read and post comments and tag artwork using the open-source folksonomy system designed specifically for museums.

In addition to providing information about upcoming events, exhibitions, and other general information about the museum, the site also includes blogs and integration with IMA-produced YouTube video content.

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