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In February 2008, Popular Science, the fifth-oldest continually-published monthly magazine, relaunched its online presence with an enterprise-level website developed by pingVision, powered by Drupal.

Founded in 1872, Popular Science, the “What’s New, What’s Next magazine,” has witnessed, reported on, and evaluated countless scientific and technological developments, from the dawn of electricity to the latest innovations of today’s information age — advances that have shaped the way we live, work, play, travel, communicate, understand and interact with the world.

Prior to its relaunch, the Popular Science website used several disparate systems to deliver content. One of the goals for the new site was to provide a unified user interface while increasing usability and functionality. pingVision was able to use Drupal to meet Popular Science’s usability and functional requirements, while converting and importing several years’ worth of content from a Vignette 7 CMS and TypePad blogs.

pingVision also integrated several third-party services, including a fantasy stock trading system, video conversion and hosting services, and advertising. In addition to taking advantage of various contributed modules, pingVision created a number of custom modules, including the Drupal Markup Engine for content placement within nodes and Node Carousel for displaying content. The site was deployed on multiple servers, with additional caching handled by using Memcache.

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