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The Star Wars Artists Guild is a fan site devoted primarily to the needs of players of the Star Wars Role Playing Game. Founded initially to fill the void that most gamers are not artists, SWAG entered into internet as an off-shoot of After a short time SWAG broke off and became its own site. Initial development was done with pmachine by Chris Curtis and Derek Jones. Some years later the site was given to Kris Vanderwater in the hopes that he would keep it running instead of letting it fall apart.

SWAG was re-launched using Drupal less than a year ago. Currently the site is made up of over 2300 member about 90 of which actually contribute art. The site drove the creation of the imagefield_gallery module (which was recently submitted to the Drupal community at large). Functionality of the website includes a rather active forums and blogs section. Blogs include the ability to add images which are displayed to the user in a nice lightbox2 style output. Image module runs the main gallery portions of the site.

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