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WEAVE, Domestic Violence Prevention Website

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WEAVE, Incorporated
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Over time, the first generation WEAVE, Inc. website had become ineffective in service to victims and survivors of domestic violence, as well as to its community partners and supporters. Based on outdated content architecture, technology, and graphics, it was difficult for users to find information and extremely challenging for the organization to manage content. In addition, the site’s design did not represent the level of professionalism and effectiveness that WEAVE has attained as one of California’s leading non-profits.

There were several desired, measurable goals which were driving the organization to improve its web strategy and presence:

* Increase in online donations
* Better search engine results
* Increase Newsletter signups
* Allow visitors to schedule a presentation
* Ask an anonymous question about domestic violence or sexual assault if reaching out to the organization wasn’t a safe thing to do
* Share survivor stories
* Buy tickets for events and fundraisers

WEAVE, Inc. needed to provide a way for survivors of domestic violence or sexual abuse to safely use the website and communicate with the organization without fear of reprisal. Digital Deployment created a persistent Escape Button which is available on all pages of the site and instantly takes the viewer to a different, well-recognized commercial website. If the back button is activated, the site again returns to the commercial site in Internet Explorer.

Since email can be a risky way for users to communicate with WEAVE, an Anonymous Question Board was created. This allows users to anonymously ask a specific question about their situation and return to the site for the answer. This not only protects the user, it benefits others who may find the questions and answer relevant to their own experience.

Digital Deployment performed aggressive SEO for the site, which now ranks #1 on Google for ~10 of its strategic keyword combinations, including “domestic violence sacramento”, “abuse help sacramento”.

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