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Site building track descriptions

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Major goals of this track

  • Create a foundation for development and deployment of Drupal sites
  • Rapidly create a site with a Drupal specific workflow
  • Build sites without coding
  • Use Drupal as a platform

The site building co-chairs have evaluated a wide range of practices for building Drupal sites. With this track we hope to provide attendees with a progressive review of the state of the art in Drupal site building from server selection through to integrating Drupal into your proprietary business applications. Attendees of this track will be presented with the best practices in site development and be able to take part in discussions on the future of Drupal site development.

Recommended track session topics:

The site building track co-chairs are requesting that members of the Drupal community propose presenting the following or similar sessions. Presenters who offer to present these sessions, or similar, are likely to have their session selected for the conference. Presenters who agree to collaborate with other members of the community to present these topics collaboratively or as part of a panel are even more likely to be selected to present.

Infrastructure (Nuts and bolts of code, servers, databases, etc.):

  • Build environment and version control environment. (taken as a configuration management and not develop task (i.e. after-process hooks rather than how to use SVN)
  • Provisioning (not part of development work flow, but rather its pre-requisite)
  • Development environment (as environment for all the developers of a project and how that ties in to configuration management)
  • Non-functional planning (constraints, etc.)
  • Scaling Drupal, performance and scalability (server/database optimization and distribution)
  • Virtual servers and virtual services ec2, s3
  • Drupal and *AMP, a systems level view

Development Workflow (Getting from code to production):

  • Development environment (including USE of version control and build env.)
  • Quality Assurance (following/implementing process, procedures, standards)
  • Testing (unit testing, black and white box testing itself).
  • Security

Site Implementation (How requirements can be implemented without coding):

  • Internationalization
  • Contributed modules: Best of overview
  • Editorial work flow
  • Drupal distributions
  • Panel talks
  • Site recipies

Extending Drupal (Using Drupal as a platform):

  • 3rd party apps
  • External data


  • Ken Rickard is the Deputy Vice-President for Strategic Partnership Development at Morris DigitalWorks. He was one of the most active presenters at Drupalcon Barcelona. Ken leads the news group on the Drupal groups site. Ken is a proponent of Drupal as a platform, and you’ll see his ideas throughout this track.
  • Addison Berry is consultant at Lullabot. She is involved in the Drupal community by maintaining several contributed modules, being very involved in the Drupal Dojo group, working on the documentation team and helping maintain the website.
  • Victor Kane is a process engineer and system architect focusing on an agile approach to web application development based on both Drupal and Ruby on Rails as frameworks. Victor has been living in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the past 30 years, after living in England and the United States.