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Adams 12 Five Star Schools District

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Adams 12 Five Star School District
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The Adams 12 Five Star School district is located in Thornton, CO - just outside of Denver. Our recently redesigned district Web site is powered by Drupal 5 and serves 40,000 K-12 students and 5,000 staff members in over 50 schools. The site is integrated into our Active Directory, allowing staff to log in and update their respective sections of the site.

Our site also serves as a proof-of-concept for how Drupal can run on alternative databases (not MySQL or PostgreSQL) - we successfully added Microsoft’s SQL Server 2000 to Drupal 5’s abstraction layer. Some of the modules we were able to adapt to work with SQL Server include: views, ldap integration, CCK, webforms, i18n, nice menus, ldap auth, simplenews, IMCE, TinyMCE and sliced menu.

Other features of our site:

  • bilingual support (currently translating our pages)
  • 100% CSS based
  • 100% SQL Server 2000 support

Thank you for considering our site and please don’t hesitate to provide your feedback!

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