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Perhaps one of the most beautiful sites built on Drupal, is fully integrated with Drupal. We have not announced this site anywhere else, so the fact that this is on Drupal is new to the community.

The flash piece on the front page reads from an XML file that is spit out by a “Flash banner item” CCK type that allows for uploading the image, specifying the linkto URL, the actual text on the banner, and the order. The sliding blocks are a special themed block region and the JS it depends on is dynamic based on the number of blocks assigned to that region.

On the sub pages, the left hand navigation is automatically created based on choosing the parent menu item and assigning a weight on the Page type itself. The breadcrumbs are themed, and a field on the Page type allows for overriding the title used in the breadcrumb.

TinyMCE is cleanly integrated, utilizes the same styles and is set to the same fixed width of the site itself. Images can be uploaded via img_assist, and Flash can be embedded via the TinyMCE button/plug-in. The styles drop down shows relevant styles for the publisher to choose.

The “Did You Know” item is controlled with its own content type, upload an image and choose the order and the JS gets built. Print preview is cleanly themed, as are Search Results.

That’s the uber-quick case study. You may view some basic screenshots (plus some random screens of our Google Apps setup for another client) in the PDF referenced here.

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