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The Federal Education Budget Project

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The Federal Education Budget Project details the demographics, finances and test scores of all 14,000+ school districts in the United States. It was built for the Education Policy Program at the New America Foundation — a nonpartisan think tank based in Washington DC.

DATA - Debt Aids Trade Africa

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Perhaps one of the most beautiful sites built on Drupal, is fully integrated with Drupal. We have not announced this site anywhere else, so the fact that this is on Drupal is new to the community.

The flash piece on the front page reads from an XML file that is spit out by a “Flash banner item” CCK type that allows for uploading the image, specifying the linkto URL, the actual text on the banner, and the order. The sliding blocks are a special themed block region and the JS it depends on is dynamic based on the number of blocks assigned to that region.

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