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JUST CAUSE magazine
Activism is the website for the upcoming print magazine, JUST CAUSE. The website provides editorial content from the magazine and expanded coverage on topics covered in the magazine including directories of organizations, calendars of related events and interactive blogging for individuals, organizations and corporate CSR. This vibrant social network allows many voices to be heard, and facilitates civic engagement on a local level – while still linking people across the country around common causes.

The initial version of the site was built in approximately 3 months with a cross functional team including a Project Manager, Lead Engineer, Theme Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Information Architect, Visual Designer and Application Specialist. The client was closely involved in the process from its inception and continues to be as new features are deployed on an iterative basis.

The site makes significant use of CCK, Views and Panels, as well as Organic Groups and a number of other contributed modules.

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