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JUST CAUSE magazine
Activism is the website for the upcoming print magazine, JUST CAUSE. The website provides editorial content from the magazine and expanded coverage on topics covered in the magazine including directories of organizations, calendars of related events and interactive blogging for individuals, organizations and corporate CSR. This vibrant social network allows many voices to be heard, and facilitates civic engagement on a local level – while still linking people across the country around common causes.

Information is India’s own social networking portal to connect with fellow indians based in and out of India. The feature requests for developing was huge and required flexibility to connect various sections of the website as and when required.
This made us think about drupal for developing the website and we are happy today after taking our decision. The site now has more than 1000 regular users and the number is increasing everyday.

The main features of this website includes

  1. Detailed User profiles
  2. Connecting with Friends
  3. Member Search
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