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The Netherlands
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation

LUX is a cultural centre in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, offering a wide variety of events ranging from international cinema, theatre and debate to dance and music.

In renewing their website LUX wanted to

  • enable LUX employees to easily enter event data, including dates, times, posters and trailers
  • enable visitors to easily find out what is going on
  • offer an opportunity for interaction and community building

The site makes heavy use of CCK, Views and a custom built playdates module, offering various ways of viewing the programme.

Movies offer integration with trailers and a ticket reservation system.

The site has a strong visual presence, with a theme varying slightly by event type.

The development of this site was a combined effort of Bèr Kessels, Jeroen Coumans and Gaele Strootman.

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