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This site was the first of several sites by NRDC to be installed in a multisite configuration, as they migrate new and existing sites to Drupal. Original sponsors of the Embedded Media Field module, it was also the first site to launch with that module, as seen on its Video page.


NRDC is the nation’s most effective environmental action organization. With the backing of 1.2 million members, we protect human health and the environment by:

  1. Taking on corporate polluters and government indifference in court; We sued the U.S. Navy and stopped them from blasting the world’s marine mammals with deadly hi-frequency sonar.

  2. Helping companies and institutions see the ‘green’ light; We’ve partnered with Warner Music Group to revolutionize their music label into the greenest on earth.
  3. Making smart sustainable policies the law of the land; We ensured that a half million kids in California are getting tested for lead poisoning every year.

No matter what the method, we do whatever it takes to protect the planet - for all of us. Join NRDC - for as little as $10 - and sue the crap out of b-holes, too.

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