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Drupal showcase and case study contest: Books, Hosting, and other prizes

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What will it take for Drupal to break through in to the main stream? Drupal needs better marketing. Specifically Drupal needs more showcase sites and case studies to help evaluators understand what can be done with Drupal. We’ve already got a good list of case studies, success stories, featured sites, and a list of show case sites. To help rally the community, there will be a Drupal site showcase and case study contest at the upcoming Boston Drupalcon.

Go on over to the Drupalcon Boston site to submit your favorite sites and view and vote for the best ones.

Submitted sites will be voted on online and judged by a panel of community nominated judges. Great prizes will be awarded to the winners! This is a chance to have all your hard work creating amazing Drupal sites recognized.

We’ll also be hosting a session to discuss popular, high traffic and enterprise Drupal sites. We will also address why Drupal is often the platform of choice.

Please post comments here to nominate judges you feel would be best suited to judge these high caliber sites.

Thanks and see you in Boston!