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Business and job fair listings

Platinum and gold sponsors

The following companies will be offering business services, products or recruiting at the business and job fair. This will take place from 4:15 - 6 PM on Monday, March 3rd, 2008 in rooms 251 and 252A. It will be immediately followed by a series of industry networking events at bars, restaurants, and hotels within walking distance of the conference center.

Love Drupal and Open Source? Join our team | Gravitek Labs

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ChrisBryant - Tue, 02/19/2008 - 5:32am
Sponsor name: 
Gravitek Labs

Gravitek Labs is a small company building large websites! We have a lot of fun creating nicely designed sites for our clients and working with Drupal (Consulting, Development, Advanced Theming, High Performance Tuning,) as well as participating in Open Source development.

Some of our recent clients include Warner Brothers Records, IDEO, InXile Entertainment (LineRider,) Dreamfish, Matador Travel, and MothersClick.

If you are an expert themer, custom module developer, project manager, information architect, Linux systems administrator, or just a cool person that loves Drupal and Open Source get in touch with us, we’d love to have you join our team.

Find our more at our site and contact us here:

See you in Boston!

Join EchoDitto to Drupalize the Masses

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ethanw - Tue, 02/19/2008 - 10:28am

EchoDitto is looking for experienced developers to join our team of technology enthusiasts. For over 3 years, EchoDitto has been providing our progressive clients with Internet and online communications strategy. We use Drupal and other open source tools to create vibrant communities and empower people online.

All salaried positions at EchoDitto come with excellent benefits and time pre-allocated for catching up with Engadget, Twittering or compiling ncurses for your iPhone. And we have a sweet foosball table.

We have offices in Boston (Cambridge), New York City and Washington, DC.

Apply online at

Sponsor name: 
EchoLogo_3x1_for_guide.pdf424.94 KB - Expert Drupal Hosting!

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drupalexpert_amit - Tue, 02/19/2008 - 11:33am
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Drupal Value Hosting

Dear Drupalers,
Confirming to our committment to offer the superhuge and screaming fast drupal optimized hosting hosting accounts on

Presenting the “World’s Best Hosting Package”!
Hosting account on one of the Fastest hosting machines, the hosting performance is guaranteed to outperform any shared hosting or even any VPS that is currently available anywhere in the hosting industry. Independent benchmarks show Drupal sites running 400% to 500% faster at DVH!

Hosted on Super Monster Server machines!
Dual Processor Quad Core Xeon 5420 -Harpertown- 8 x 2.5 GHz, 2 x 12MB cache,
The world’s fastest server discs in RAID10 configuration: Seagate Cheetah SA-SCSI 15K RPM, 32 GB RAM, Premium Bandwidth on 8 biggest carriers!

Price: $17.5/month only! (with discount coupon)
It Includes: 50 GB Space, 12000 GB B/W, 1 Free Domain, 2 Dedicated IPs, Unlimited (Domains, FTP, Subdomains, Email , Mysql) , SSH/Shell Access, Cpanel, WHM/RESELLER Access, PHP5, Mysql5 and a lot more…+ Free migration from your existing webhost/VPS/Dedicated Server!

50% Discount Code: “HalfPriceMonster50p” >> valid only till Drupalcon Boston Lasts :)
The DVH hosted sites have experienced 100% uptime since Nov2007 and the drupal webmasters are loving it! Read our Customer Feedback and testimonials at the Drupal Hosting Forums.

Reach our expert drupal trained staff at and Visit us at : to view our amazing hosting plans!

Open Source Internet Engineer

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susanmacphee - Tue, 02/19/2008 - 12:52pm
Sponsor name: 
CommonPlaces e-Solutions, LLC

CommonPlaces e-Solutions (, one of the fastest growing web development firms in New England, specializing in CMS (Drupal), PHP, MySQL, and CSS, is hiring employees for and other Drupal projects.

We have opportunities for accomplished Senior PHP/MySQL engineers utilizing Drupal and associated technologies.

In this role, you will be responsible for working with, and modifying Open Source applications integrated with complex designs, supported with advanced backend PHP code. A qualified candidate should have several years of experience developing dynamic web-based PHP applications.


  • 5 to 10 years experience in software development
  • Expert knowledge of HTTP, CSS, DOM, PHP, JavaScript, XML and MySQL is required
  • Experience developing in eZPublish, Drupal or other Open Source CMS
  • Experience developing social networking applications a huge plus
  • Knowledge of web standards
  • Experience with high volume/ high availability
  • Strong LAMP background is required
  • Knowledge of Object Oriented programming
  • College degree in Computer Sciences or related field required

CommonPlaces is an equal opportunity employer with benefits and competitive salary. We are located in Hampstead, New Hampshire. Candidates meeting the outlined criterion are invited to submit their resume and credentials to

Skirt!® - A monthly magazine for women

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Ken Rickard - Tue, 02/19/2008 - 1:10pm
Sponsor name: 

Skirt!® was born in 1994 as a monthly magazine for women in the Charleston and Columbia areas of South Carolina. Since then, we have tripled in size, expanded our distribution to and attracted readers and contributors from across the country. Print editions of Skirt!® are now available in Charleston, SC; Atlanta, GA; Augusta, GA; Charlotte, NC; Savannah, GA; Jacksonville, FL.; Columbia, SC; Knoxville, TN; Memphis, TN; Richmond, VA; Houston, TX; and Boston, MA.

Online, we are powered by Drupal, and live at

Gloscon - 24x7 Drupal Development Powerhouse

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bpocanada - Tue, 02/19/2008 - 3:05pm
Sponsor name: 
Gloscon - Global Software Consulting

Gloscon - Global Software Consulting -,

Canada : 1-888-378-7259, 1-604-630-4292
India : 91-79-40043267, 40043268

( We are hiring in India - All Levels - Developers, Managers, Marketing Professionals) - Send resumes to

Gloscon Solutions Inc is the new face of BPO Canada Global Services Corporation - a leading provider of Drupal Services.

Based out of BC, Canada, we have development office in India and today we have one of the largest Drupal Teams.

Our Drupal Services include :

Creative/Visual Layout Design through our partners - Transition Networks
Installation and Configuration
Theme Development
Module Development
Web Site Marketing - SEO/SEM/SMM
Version Upgrade Services and applying regular patches
24x7 Drupal Infrastructure Monitoring and Support
Drupal Site Performance Tuning
Drupal Development Advisory and Project Management
Drupal Site Ongoing Maintenance/Support
Drupal Training - Onsite, Offshore and Remote
Migrating existing Non Drupal Site to Drupal
Providing Contract Development Resources - Onsite and Offshore
Incubation Services - have your own Drupal Team under our Umbrella Company

To discuss your project needs, please call the numbers on top or send email to sales at bpocanada dot com

Get your Dedicated Drupal Team Today with Gloscon

A singular vision - "The Network Is The Computer"

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smattoon - Tue, 02/19/2008 - 3:40pm
Sponsor name: 
Sun Microsystems

A singular vision - “The Network Is The Computer” guides Sun Microsystems in the development of servers, storage, and open source software offerings. Sun provides best-of-breed solutions to enterprises and startups worldwide for developing, deploying, and managing the next wave of computing.

Drupal Done Hip: Dancing with Drupal in San Francisco

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populist - Tue, 02/19/2008 - 3:48pm
Sponsor name: 
Chapter Three

Chapter Three is Drupal done hip. We are a tight knit consulting firm based out of an awesome office in San Francisco. We work on some engaging projects, talk about some interesting things, and build the most amazingly beautiful fixed gear bicycles you will ever see. We are looking to hire a talented web developer who has a decent sense of style and is looking to join our Drupal party out in San Francisco.

Technology Jobs in Maine

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TechMaine - Tue, 02/19/2008 - 4:50pm
Sponsor name: 
Technology Association of Maine

Visit the Maine Technology Jobs Board to view hundreds of current openings at Maine’s leading technology employers!

We’re proud to support Drupalcon in New England.

TechMaine will be launching a new site in 2008 built on Drupal 6.0. Thanks to the Drupal community for creating the tools we need to produce a more vibrant presence to support Maine’s technology sectors.

CivicActions Seeks Geeks for Good!

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Gregory Heller - Tue, 02/19/2008 - 5:27pm
Sponsor name: 
CivicActions, LLC

CivicActions is growing and we’re seeking passionate, talented and creative team members to empower our clients - organizations actively making the world a better place using Drupal in innovative and impactful ways.

We’re out to protect the environment, advance peace, improve public health, promote education, champion social and economic justice and increase human potential. In short, we’re here to empower change in the world using our knowledge, insight and artistry.

Our client list tells you the kinds of things that are important to us:
Amnesty International, the Witness Video Hub, SolveClimate, Mother Jones, the Democratic Party, Jim Hightower, the ACLU and the Free Software Foundation among many others.

We are actively seeking people who want to work from anywhere and as much as they want (10-15/hrs per week minimum), who are committed to doing great work for great clients, and who’ll join us in “being the change” in the process.

Who we’d like to meet:

  • Project Managers
  • Drupal Developers / Web Engineers
  • Application Specialist (able to interface w/ clients, recommend and configure modules & content types, etc.)
  • Themers
  • QA Engineers
  • Visual Designers specializing in Web 2.0 design. 2.1, anyone?

We’ve got an exciting pipeline of projects (there’s a whole lotta change going on!), so get in touch with us today! Visit us at

Love Drupal? Hate unreliable hosts?

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Eric Mandel - Tue, 02/19/2008 - 6:09pm
Sponsor name: 
BlackMesh, Inc.

BlackMesh’s full service Managed Hosting Solutions provide organizations with fast, efficient delivery and management of a complete enterprise network, enabling development teams to focus on writing code, not managing the network. BlackMesh’s Senior Network Engineers provide and manage all aspects of a company’s infrastructure—from firewalls to web server security to database clusters—guaranteeing a stable, secure, and robust foundation for companies to grow their businesses.

Drupal Software Engineer

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Omar_Khan - Tue, 02/19/2008 - 6:44pm
Sponsor name: 

ISL is a 15 person boutique web development firm in downtown San Francisco founded in 1993. We build cutting edge sites for Fortune 100 firms, medium-sized businesses and promising start-ups. We have launched our first Drupal sites –, - and are developing many more. Our objective is to become one of the premiere Drupal developers on the West Coast.

We are looking for a Drupal/PHP engineer with:
• at least 1 year of Drupal experience
• understanding of contributed modules and theming
• 2+ years PHP/MySQL and CSS experience
• the ability to work well with others

We seek an engineer who :
• shares our passion for Drupal and is looking to become a Drupal expert
• can think about the bigger business picture and enjoys innovating in ways that benefit clients and developers

We offer a comfortable work environment, a wide variety of interesting sites to work on, health insurance and other benefits. While our preference is for someone in San Francisco, we are open to applicants who might work elsewhere, especially in New York.

Please send resumes and any reference URLs to

centre{source} interactive stragies

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hcoakley - Tue, 02/19/2008 - 7:35pm
Sponsor name: 

centre{source} is a full-service Interactive Strategy Consulting firm based in Nashville TN, delivering results in strategy, planning, and execution of internet-related initiatives.

We’re always looking for new hires! Contact us at jobs [at] if you’re interested!

Trellon Heart Drupal

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SamuelCWilson - Tue, 02/19/2008 - 11:12pm
Sponsor name: 

Trellon is a full service consulting firm specializing in Drupal. Since 2004, we’ve delivered something on the order of 200 web sites for a variety of clients ranging from grassroots political organizations and traditional campaigns, to international NGOs and relief agencies, to socially responsible businesses trying to sell water in bottles that can be recombinated into biodiesel. We have done just about everything - built fundraising and CRM systems, delivered effective online community and social networking solutions, made our themes look so un-Drupall-y people couldn’t tell it’s Drupal, integrated the ecommerce module to run off Wii controllers, mashed up more systems than Idaho has potatoes and used web services to provide authentication off a rejiggered Speak N’ Spell spliced into an ethernet controller.

Look at our home page, our heart bleeds open source hacktivism and progressive politics.

The next time you are thinking about starting a project for your political or progressive organization, think Trellon. The next time you are thinking about starting a project for your large media corporation, financial or educational institution, REALLY think Trellon. We’ve already made the world a better place and are hungry to diversify our operations into other sectors. We’re willing to work onsite and special discounts are available for customers in Manhattan and San Francisco.

Also, we happen to be hiring. If you like to work on challenging projects, set your own schedule, work from home and get to know people from all over the globe, check out our jobs page.

LifeWire, a service from The New York Times Company.

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ChachiKruel - Tue, 02/19/2008 - 11:20pm
Sponsor name: 

LifeWire is an online content provider launched by The New York Times Company to create and distribute lifestyle articles to top Web publishers. Our initial clients have included and, for whom we’ve created original news features, blog posts and service-oriented articles.

LifeWire content is written and edited by a team of experienced freelance journalists who have a diverse background in the print and online publishing industries. We cover a range of lifestyle topics including health, the environment, personal finance, relationships, food, home and garden, career, consumer electronics, sports and recreation, automobiles and travel.


With advertising dollars continuing to move to the Web from print, television and radio, many online publishers don’t have enough new content to meet audience and advertiser demand. LifeWire can help publishers by creating such content quickly and cost effectively and then channeling it to areas of a site where advertiser demand and user appetite outstrip content supply.

Unlike wire services or print-based publishers who redistribute their product online, LifeWire creates articles on topics that our partners choose, as if we were an extension of their editorial team. We also accommodate the partner’s production schedule and work with their technology group to deliver articles in a format that fits each site. LifeWire’s goal is to deliver high-quality, credible editorial content that helps our partners lower their production costs and increase advertising revenue in areas of their site that monetize best.


The Weather Channel: LifeWire provides eco-friendly lifestyle content to’s climate change site Forecast Earth. We publish blog posts as well as articles. Examples include: LifeWire has produced hundreds of service-oriented articles for on topics ranging from gardening to treating diabetes. Examples include:


LifeWire offers several fee arrangements for our clients including licensing the content, paying a per-article fee to own the content or developing a content partnership to share advertising revenue on Web pages where the material appears.


We want to find out more about your editorial needs, production process and other information that will help us get a better sense of your content and business goals. We’d also appreciate the opportunity to present a content plan that will include article ideas, pricing and other relevant information.

You can get in touch with us via our Contact form.

Achieve Internet

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Senpai - Wed, 02/20/2008 - 12:28pm
Sponsor name: 
Achieve Internet

Achieve Internet is a leading software development firm specializing in building Web 2.0 Social Networking websites for the most demanding environments. We leverage the best attributes of Drupal- flexibility, modular and robust CMS functionality- with our team of in house custom developers and a rigorous project management process to create leading next generation portals.

We help you maximize the journey into the Web 2.0 world. Our expertise extends from Drupal, PHP, and AJAX- web based tools to dynamically deliver your brand, your content and engage your customers. We are also integral members of the Drupal community, integrating our services with the leading providers of portal strategy and Drupal training. Achieve specializes in taking Drupal to the enterprise-level deployment- in additional features, custom module improvements and themed modifications- so you get exactly what you want for your brand and your customers get an exciting portal experience.

With our expanding national presence, offices in San Diego, Los Angeles and New York, we serve our clients quickly and effectively. Clients such as, LifetimeTV, Best Buy and, have selected Achieve Internet for our development expertise, project management skills and commitment to documented execution.

Looking for Drupal module developers

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paoloteo - Wed, 02/20/2008 - 3:58pm
Sponsor name:

Are you a cool young and talented Drupal dev ?
Twinlogix , a young Drupal devoted company, is constantly looking for someone to help out in module building, porting from other systems and Facebook development applications.
We are located in Italy but will consider even mates from around the globe.

Please contact me (Paolo) at:

Warner Bros. Records needs Drupal Development Contractors

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ethank - Wed, 02/20/2008 - 5:13pm
Sponsor name: 
Warner Bros. Records

Warner Bros. Records is a record company, yes, but a new-school, future-forward, artist-friendly, Drupal-friendly open-source awesome place. That means we desperately need engineers to work with us in building out our Drupal infrastructure including modules, scripting, front-end integration, external system integration and more. Both on-site and off-site contractors are available, with the possibility of some of the on-sites going full-time as our Drupal work progresses. The perks are, you work with cool people, we periodically send CD’s to all our engineers and “we have to get corporate approval” is not in our vocabulary. Hit us up: engineering [@]

Drupal Developers Needed

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mstaneluis - Thu, 02/21/2008 - 5:40pm
Sponsor name: 
Lifetime Entertainment Services

Position Title: Sr. Web Developer
Reporting to: VP of Digital Media Technology
Department: Information Technology


Lifetime Digital Media is looking for smart, innovative and dynamic developers to build out our PHP/Drupal based community site, As a member of Lifetime’s Digital Media development team you will be responsible for the technical design and development of our consumer community applications. You will perform active development as well as give procedural guidance and direction to external vendor teams. You will become an integral member of a dynamic, challenging, and rapidly expanding online business. You will work with project managers, designers, and clients build innovative, multifaceted, and highly scalable web applications.

• Individual must possess demonstrable expertise in the development of highly available and scalable websites. Specific technologies include PHP, MySQL, Drupal and JavaScript (JQUERY).
• Proficiency in front-end and standard Internet protocols, including Web browsers, XML, XSL, HTML, HTTP, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, etc.
• Expertise in Database design, SQL construction and optimization,
• Extensive experience integrating with third-party APIs and Web Services.
• Experience in the technical management of external parties with respect to code delivery, standards, and Integration.
• Analyze business needs to design and build systems which deliver on business goals.
• Create, maintain and critically analyze project plans, business, and technical requirements.
• Demonstrate knowledge of Industry trends with respect to emerging and existing web technologies.
• Additionally, individual must be detail oriented and display the following abilities.
• Work effectively and build consensus in a team environment.
• Willingness and proven ability to take on new and challenging responsibilities.
• Demonstrated ability to manage multiple priorities with a sense of urgency.
• Demonstrated ability to make sound judgments to ensure correct project focus.
• Possess excellent oral and written communications skills.
• Interact professionally with a diverse group of customers and support staff


• College degree preferred, equivalent technical education and experience will be considered.
• Minimum 7 years overall technical experience on web development projects
• 4+ years leading design efforts using Open source web technologies (Linux, Apache, MYsql, PHP
• Knowledge of or experience with ad-serving technologies (Doubleclick DFP), Analytics tools (HBX Analytics), caching services (Akamai) or any related web video technologies.
Equal Employment Opportunity
It is the policy of Lifetime to ensure equal employment opportunity without discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, citizenship, marital status, sexual orientation or any other characteristic protected by law. Lifetime prohibits and will not tolerate any such discrimination or harassment. Lifetime is committed to the recruitment and retention of employees of diverse backgrounds, sex, race, religion, and sexual orientation.

Amherst College is hiring for multiple positions

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davidhamilton - Thu, 02/28/2008 - 4:08pm
Sponsor name: 
Amherst College

Amherst College has spent the past 2 years rebuilding much of our web infrastructure on open source and Drupal, and we anticipate growing our development and design staff this year. If you:

  • Are an experienced Drupal developer
  • Are a web developer with extensive PHP, Javascript and MySQL experience who knows the LAMP stack inside and out
  • Are experienced integrating external data sources with web applications
  • Have sysadmin experience and have worked with clusters
  • Are an accomplished designer with experience building interactive interfaces with Flash, CSS, XML, XHTML, JavaScript, and Ajax
  • Want to help evolve teaching and learning in higher education
  • Have a background in data mining, machine learning, and data visualization
  • Have experience with 3D modeling and animation
  • Have an interest (bonus points for experience) in building Serious Games

If any of the above match your skills and interests, we’d like to talk to you. Find Jeoff Pooser or David Hamilton at the job fair or during the conference sessions, or drop us a line.

Amherst is located in the beautiful Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts, is a member of the Five Colleges, and has a long history of academic excellence.